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Pricing Structure

Legal Research Solutions is committed to assisting you to maximise your profitability regardless of the issues and obstacles you are facing.

In most cases, we can provide you with a fixed fee for an entire research and writing project. Usually, we provide a quotation within hours of receiving your request. The cost of a project depends on such factors as the number and complexity of the issues, the number of jurisdictions to be focused on and the desired output format. Because some matters allow for greater expenditure than others, where necessary, we can often lower costs by reducing the number of hours we spend on a matter.

Please read on below to learn more about the various pricing options available.


Prepaid Hours

This is the most cost-effective of our pricing models through which you purchase blocks of 20 hours which are valid for a year. The cost is R8000 plus VAT for 20 hours, which works out to R400 an hour plus VAT.


Hourly Billing

Our post-paid hourly billing rate is R550 per-hour plus VAT, with a possible surcharge for any rush assignment. On every project, we provide a cost estimate. Under no circumstances, will we exceed a cost estimate without prior consultation.


Fixed Cost

We can usually also quote a fixed fee for an entire project. This pricing model is ideal where the desired work on a matter is likely subject to substantial changes. This model allows the client to know, in advance, what the cost will be and how long the project will take to complete.


Heads of Argument in Respect of a Civil Matter

R3000 – R4500 plus VAT


Notice of Motion and Founding Affidavit

R2000 – R3000 plus VAT


Statement of Claim

R1000 – R1800 plus VAT


Two Issue Memorandum, with a Comparative Law Aspect

R1800 – R2700 plus VAT


Single Issue Memorandum

R1300 – R2000 plus VAT

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