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Reasons for Outsourcing to Legal Research Solutions

Legal research, writing and analysis demands an extensive time frame, meticulous attention to detail, keen analytical power, and often, results in the use of expensive firm resources. However, faced with resource crunches, tight budgets, and time pressure, most law firms find that it is almost impossible to prepare a credible case without thorough legal research, writing and analysis.

These challenges can easily be overcome by outsourcing to Legal Research Solutions. We invite you to leave this non-core area of your practice to us, and focus on your core and most profitable areas. This will save you costs, time and numerous other hassles.

Core Benefits of Outsourcing

Legal commentators have written extensively on the benefits of legal process outsourcing. Here, we identify just a few of those core benefits.

Win More Cases

Our team of experienced, specialised legal research professionals are waiting to assist you, not just drafting documents, but also offering ideas and developing strategies designed to give you and your clients the best possible outcomes on your cases. We help you develop a laser focus on the important legal arguments in your case and then use our resources to develop winning motions and briefs for your clients. We have successfully researched and advised on some of the most complicated legal issues around.

Increase Your Earning Potential
Legal research, writing, and analysis are time-consuming and complex, despite being extremely important aspects of litigation. With many lawyers being pressed between the divergent needs of their clients, the time necessary to conduct intricate legal research, writing and analysis becomes severely limited. Hiring another lawyer is not an advisable solution as it burdens your firm with a large fixed expense and investment in time to train the new lawyer. Also, if your practice slows down you may be stuck with an employee with too much time on hand. The solution lies in outsourcing. By using Legal Research Solutions, you’re gaining specialist skills at a reasonable price, without incurring any fixed costs. In fact, our pricing model is so cheap that it results in savings of up to 90%. In addition, our legal professionals are solid veterans with many years of experience. Also, because of the experience of our staff, we are able to specialise by area of law. In other words, when you outsource to us, you will be getting an experienced lawyer, trained at a top university, with a wealth of experience in the area of law your case concerns. We’ll hit the track running, so that you can devote yourself to focus on the lucrative aspects of your practice, like acquiring new clients.
Improve Your Work Product

We know you have the skills to handle your own legal research and writing, but time and resources will always limit your work product. Our legal team works solely in the field of legal research and writing, have access to the best legal databases and know how to use them to discover the most appropriate results. And because of our knowledge and specialisation, we can make good use of the available time to produce outstanding legal research and writing at reasonable rates.

Get Your Life Back

Conducting legal research and writing is a demanding, sometimes overwhelming, endeavor. Let’s face it, you sit down to research a legal issue or draft legal submissions, and before you know it the whole morning is gone and then the whole afternoon. Stop working nights and weekends and let us handle those things that are important, but do not require your specific expertise. We provide ready to file products which require little to no additional revision.

Why Us?

Why choose Legal Research Solutions over other legal outsourcing entities? Even though many other entities offer legal outsourcing services, we emerge as the best service provider for several reasons.

The Quality of Our Legal Team
The quality of legal research, writing and analysis is only as good as the lawyer who prepares it. With many entities, it will be handled by someone who has never practised law, or even worse, by a paralegal. In others, one person handles everything that comes in the door, even though they may have never dealt with the area of law in question. In contrast, all our legal research, writing and analysis is overseen by a someone who has actually practised as a lawyer. And because of our experience, we are able to specialise by area of law. In other words, with Legal Research Solutions, you’ll be getting an experienced law graduate, trained at a top law school, with a wealth of experience in the area of law your case concerns. Not everyone who wants your business can say that.
Client Satisfaction
The attorneys who patronise Legal Research Solutions speak volumes about the quality of our legal research, writing and analysis services. Over the years, we have completed projects for more than 300 (three hundred) firms nationwide, on over 5,000 (five thousand) cases. Not only that, but 80% of our business comes from repeat customers. This is far more than any other entity. We invite you to read the testimonials on our homepage and decide for yourself about the quality of our services.
Despite the high-quality of our services, our fees remain extremely reasonable. In fact, to our knowledge, our fee structure is cheaper than any comparable entity. Moreover, we understand that not every case has an unlimited budget for legal research, writing and analysis. Consequently, we’ll work to find a way to help you on a case, even if your funds are limited.

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